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We are Click 4 Corp: a company that specializes in offering a single stop for online businesses to get what they need for success. While Laptop Care PC and Repair can offer testimony on our website design quality, that’s not all we offer. Search engine optimization, dedicated servers, e-commerce…we have what you need. What does it mean, though?

What is Click 4 Corp, exactly? We are a company with headquarters in Plano, Texas but our main presence is online. We specialize in offering our services to other businesses, and we want to help you streamline your business so that you can grow and expand. After all, if we’re successful, then so are you!

So, you’re a “B2B” company? Click 4 Corp definitely focuses on helping businesses, yes, but that doesn’t mean that only businesses are welcome to use our services. We are committed to building strong, healthy client relationships regardless of whether you’re a huge online business or a single individual.

Why should I use Click 4 Corp, though? What makes you special? We have been in business for over a decade and boast over one thousand satisfied clients. Being a one-stop shop is great but we don’t just offer great products; we stand behind them as well! If you need an update that takes less than fifteen minutes, don’t worry about it. It’s free. You’ll own your site, even if we’re hosting it.

What about customer service? Our customer service representatives are trained to be the best. Not only that; they have a mission to provide the best quality care that you could ask for!

What kind of services do you offer? Can you be a little more specific? Here at Click 4 Corp, we offer a large variety of high-quality and affordable services for your business to use to grow such as:

  • Website Design: Just as we’ve done for Laptop Care PC and Repair, we offer website design. In this day and age, it’s important for websites to be fresh and cutting-edge.

  • Web Hosting: We provide dedicated servers so that we can host your website for an affordable price.

  • Domain Registration: We are happy to help with any registration that you need for your domains. The name of a business can be important in determining its success!

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is important in determining the traffic that you get to your website. We will use search engine optimization techniques to help you improve traffic to your site.

  • Customer Development: We want to help you develop your business in the way that suits you the best.